Photo: Hannah Verbeuren

In recent video of Megadeth shared on Youtube, drummer Dirk Verbeuren has revealed how he was influenced by Gar Samuelson and Nick Menza.

Here’s the statement:

“I discovered Megadeth when Gar Samuelson was still the drummer. And he had a very unique style of playing that really stood out for me. It was unlike any of the other bands in the genre, and so I really liked that.

And, obviously, later on, with Nick Menza, the band did some of the, I would say their most iconic records, but he had a very different approach to his drumming, which also really spoke to me. I kind of find some of the way that I play in Nick’s playing kind of naturally, so I’m sure that he influenced me over the years.

I mean, I was really young. When I first started listening to Megadeth, I was probably about 16; it was around the same time that I started playing drums.

On his favorite songs, he said:

But, yeah, there’s many songs that are really fun to play. ‘Wake Up Dead’ is always one of my favorites to play. There’s songs like ‘Holy Wars’ and ‘Rattlehead’, which all have really fun parts, and kind of challenging things in there too, which I always like.

It’s fun with Megadeth to have all these different influences in there over the years,” Dirk added. “Their lineup has seen drummers come in there that really brought their own kind of vibe to the music, I would say.

So, for me to be able to kind of take all that, especially on the road, which is the ultimate test, it’s really helped me grow as a drummer and also appreciate what every drummer brought to the band. It’s hard to pick a favorite [Megadeth song to play], but I’d probably say ‘Wake Up Dead’, if I had to pick one.”

You can watch the entire interview below. Click here to source of the statement.