According to the recently shared posts of the Megadeth fans all over social media, the new bassist of the band after David Ellefson might be found out.

You might remember that Megadeth and Dave Mustaine made an official announcement last month and stated that the band officially parted ways with the bassist David Ellefson after he’s alleged to getting into a virtual sex relationship with an underage girl.

While Megadeth already finished recording their new album before parting ways with Ellefson, all fans were eager to know whether Mustaine would choose to find yet another bassist or find another way to keep Ellefson’s bass parts in the album. Last week, Mustaine released a new video on his Cameo account and stated that Ellefson will never play with Megadeth again and they have already recorded the bass with another musician.

However, the new bassist of Megadeth is still a mystery and all fans are still want to know who he is. Today, a Spanish-based Twitter account and also news site ‘El Cuartel Del Metal’ posted a new photo on Twitter and claimed that the new bassist of the band is Steve Di Giorgio who played bass with Testament, Death, and Sadus.

Here is what’s written in the tweet, translated by Google:

“Steve DiGiorgio would be the bassist who recorded the next Megadeth.

Dave recently in a video from the studio showed the “mystery bassist” who is behind the chair in the image to the left, an Ibanez BTB five-string bass appears, the same model that he uses.”

You can check out the tweet below.