Megadeth icon David Ellefson was the recent guest of the ‘Do You Know Jack?’ and the famous bassist reveals his interesting thoughts about Black Sabbath legend, Ozzy Osbourne.

David honestly admitted that he wasn’t a big fan of the Ozzy years of Black Sabbath. He also revealed how old he was when he first discovered Black Sabbath’s Geezer Butler.

Here is his statement:

“I didn’t hear Geezer until I was quite a bit older. I guess I probably heard ‘Paranoid’, ’cause I played it in one of my bands when I was probably — I don’t know — 13, 14 years old. But, honestly, I was not a big fan of the Ozzy years of Sabbath. ‘Paranoid’ is my favorite Sabbath record from the Ozzy era, but when I really got attuned into Sabbath was when Ronnie James Dio joined the band on the ‘Heaven And Hell’ album.”

Ellefson said that his music grew up on KISS, Styx, Cheap Trick, and Van Halen.

Here is what he said:

“That was really my era of Sabbath — particularly that album and ‘Mob Rules’. Those were the two… And it’s because that’s the age I was at when I was being introduced to the current heavy metal that was going on around me. Sabbath was cool with Ozzy, but it was kind of more of a throwback into Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, and, quite honestly, that was kind of a generation before me.

My music I grew up on was KISS, Styx, Cheap Trick, Van Halen, Boston and then, as I started to get into heavier stuff, began that Ronnie Dio era of Rainbow, Sabbath, Scorpions, Iron Maiden, Motörhead— that was really more my generation.”

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