The legendary Megadeth star Dave Mustaine remains silent on social media during the coronavirus outbreak and spends his time working on his upcoming music projects for a while.

Today, Dave took to social media and shared an emotional message about his lovely wife, Pam Mustaine, by sharing one of her most astonishing frames of all time. As you will check out the photo of Pam below, she looks like a member of the ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ gang that posing alongside a motorcycle.

Here is how Dave celebrated the Mother’s Day of his beloved wife:

“Happy Mother’s Day to the woman I love. Thank you for being an amazing mother to our children and the perfect wife to me.

Life is wonderful because of you, 🌹 Pam Mustaine”

The follower of Dave named Nancy shared her thoughts:

“Happy Mother’s Day Pam Mustaine! ❤ You’re truly Loved by us and of course your beautiful family, you did it well! I hope you’re having a blast today!

Hugs and kisses (with gloves and face mask) from Argentina.”

You can check out the tweet of Dave and some reactions from the fans below.