The really rare photos of Megadeth’s legendary frontman, Dave Mustaine, who is struggling with throat cancer for a while, and Hollywood Vampires icon Alice Cooper revealed by the official and verified social media account of Megadeth.

They have shared unseen photos of Dave Mustaine and Alice Cooper from the ’80s. In the photos, they posed in a very stylish way.

Anyone doesn’t know the exact time when the poses were taken. The page wrote a meaningful message with the photos.

Here’s what they wrote:

“No More Mr. Nice Guy”

A fan named Danny Torres commented:

“You’re forgetting some serious facts about the making of the video clips! Like, Mustaine was so lost in drugs that almost make it impossible to film.”

Another fan named Esad Kustura wrote this:

“HUGE! @MTV would roll that vid on a regular basis and I couldn’t stand missing even a few seconds…..damn… I want my @MTV again.”

You can see the photos right below.