The co-founder and bassist of Megadeth, David Ellefson was recently interviewed by Appetite For Distortion podcast and revealed the latest health status of another Megadeth icon, Dave Mustaine.

David Ellefson said that he is very hopeful and optimistic about Dave and he believes Dave will beat the throat cancer.

Here is what he said:

“I lost my brother to colon cancer about five years ago. When it was diagnosed, it was already Stage 4, so there wasn’t really too much hope left in that one for his chance of surviving it. But I think in this case, I definitely am optimistic about it.

As Dave said in his press release, it’s to be respected and met really head-on and just right straight into it, which he’s doing… So, I pray, and I lift it up to the higher power to have his hand on that. And in the meantime, take the next steps that are put in front of me, which, right now at this month and probably the next few months of my life, is the book and the ‘Sleeping Giants’ [solo] CD. And I guess it’s kind of a cool thing because it keeps me occupied on something creative, something that’s new for the fans.

And I think it keeps kind of a creative mojo moving forward too even for the MEGADETH fans that are watching all this happen right now as well. So I’d like to think the good Lord kind of finds his time and his space, and all things kind of move forward as they’re.”

You can listen to the podcast below.

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