Photo Credit: Electra Mustaine - Instagram

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine’s daughter and multi-talented social media phenomenon, Electra Mustaine, shared a new photo on her official Instagram account to show off her extremely beautiful body, wearing a leather outfit.

As she completes her hot outfit with high heels and a cool-looking glasses, she has managed to stun almost 5K people on the post, including her lovely mother, Pam Mustaine.

Here is the caption of the post:

“Real Housewife of Quarantine.”

An Instagram personality named Dixie Sixx commented on the post:

“You should have a clothing line. You have great taste. I love that jacket! 🤘”

Another Megadeth fan named megadethbrazil shared this:

“Perfection exist and I can prove it again. 😍❤️

A user named Christine Greyson made an unexpected offer to Electra:

“I love it- I’ve got a few friends in Spain who are doing dress-up parties at home & documenting it for home video memories!!

I think your theme nights are a wonderful idea!! Maybe a Paris themed night with serious desserts & wine? 🌹”

Electra Mustaine responded:

“Yes! Love this! After Cinco de mayo (we’re doing taco night!) This sounds amazing!”

You can check out her latest frame below.