Thrash metal legends, Megadeth has shared new teaser clip on Twitter and hinted at potential release date of new song.

According to teaser, Megadeth’s new song probably will release on January 11, 2019. You can watch it below.

In a recent interview with Mitch Lafon, Mustaine spoke about what fans should expect from their new album and revealed the possible release date. He said:

We’re hoping April of next year. We’ve got a huge festival that we’re gonna be announcing and I’ll have management tell you everything as soon as possible.” –click here to full article-

On 25 December, Dave Mustaine tweeted:

“Droogs, I’m pulling back on Social Media as things rev up re: LP 16. Not enough time to do my job(s).

Progress is good. Music is fast & strong. All 4 contributing. Things are good. Get updates via , @Megadeth until we finish LP 16. I’m hurryin’. Really!”