Megadeath’s bassist David Ellefson recently posted a photo of a YouTube video on his Instagram account with which he paid tribute to Rush’s unforgettable songwriter and drummer.

As you probably know, Rush was a Canadian band that was formed in Toronto back in 1968. Neil Part joined the band in 1974 and they had a successful career during which their explored blues-inspired hard rock, progressive rock, then a period in which they heavily used synthesizers, and finally concluded upon the guitar-based hard rock in the late ’80s.

Rush was especially famous for their complex compositions, and interesting lyrical motifs often based on philosophy, fantasy, and science fiction. Being a highly talented songwriter, aside from the band’s drummer, Neil Peart is often credited as the writer of the band’s most successful songs such as ‘The Trees.’

Neil Peart was a member of Rush from 1974 until 1997 when he took a long sabbatical to mourn for the loss of his 19-year-old daughter who was killed in a car crash, and his wife who passed away due to cancer soon after the couple lost their daughter. Upon taking a 2-year-long road trip and writing a memoir of his journey, Neil Part returned to Rush in 2000 and was an active member until his retirement in 2015.

Unfortunately, Peart died on January 7, 2020, from glioblastoma, which is an aggressive form of brain cancer. His illness was kept private until his passing and his death left the rock scene heart-broken. It seems like Dave Ellefson is one of the rockstars who still thinks about Peart every day, as yesterday, he posted a photo of the song ‘The Trees‘ by Rush and paid tribute to the writer who created one of his most favorite songs.

In the caption of his post, Dave Ellefson said that it has already been a year since the sad loss of Neil Peart, the writer of one of his favorite songs. He said that the song’s lyrics are timeless, and paid tribute to Peart by praising his talents as a drummer, songwriter, whose contributions to rock music will never be forgotten.

Here’s what Dave Ellefson said in the caption of his Instagram post:

“Remembering the one year ago passing of Rush drummer and lyricist Neil Peart. Always one of my fave songs and also a timeless lyric for current times.”

You can check out Dave Ellefson’s recent Instagram post and the song below.