The bassist and also the co-founding member of Megadeth, David Ellefson, was the latest interview guest of Jack Antonio’s ‘Do You Know Jack?’ podcast and talked about his movie project as well as his new fictional book named ‘Rockstar Hitman: The Sledge Chronicles’ co-written with Drew Fortier.

As you may already know, the whole music industry in crisis for almost two years because of the self-quarantine measures and the coronavirus outbreak. Almost every single band and musician had to cancel or postpone their live shows due to the restrictions of the governments.

In his latest interview with Jack Antonio, Megadeth star praised the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs by claiming he’s the saver of the music business in the self-quarantine by inventing iTunes and lead the way to the streaming platforms like Spotify and YouTube.

While sharing his huge respect for Steve Jobs, David Ellefson also talked about his newfound footage movie that was directed by Drew Fortier as well as the 35th anniversary of Megadeth’s Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying?’

Here is what David Ellefson said:

“The old formulas, of course, and the old guard of the music business, were challenged in the ’90s with Napster. That was the first time the evil horns of the Internet reared its head and said, ‘Hey, we’re going a different way.’ And, of course, the old guard of the record business, who had gotten comfortable in their methodology, they got left behind.

And the ones who adapted and got onboard — obviously, Steve Jobs, largely, with Apple pretty much saved the day for the existing music business. But, obviously since iTunes, now we have Spotify and the digital streaming services and YouTube and all these things. The digital platforms, even for television…”

He continued:

“I watch ‘Cobra Kai.’ Netflix had that after-play party, and Ralph Macchio was even talking about that. He said, ‘I’ve been approached a lot to do another ‘Karate Kid’ movie,’ and he said it very well, and it goes to show — he’s a seasoned actor; he’s been in the business for many years — he said, he goes, ‘Look, with the advent of these digital platforms now, we didn’t have to go try to make some blockbuster movie. We can do this in an episodial series like this.'”

You can watch the whole interview below.

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