The well-known bassist of Megadeth, David Ellefson had a new interview with Barstool Rockers, he explained the recent health status of Dave Mustaine. 

As indicating that Dave Mustaine is doing well, he also stated that he thinks that album in front of them to be working on is actually a good motivation for Dave.

Here is his statements, transcribed by Blabber Mouth.

“Dave is doing well. It’s obviously a bit of a physically taxing journey to go through the treatments, but like he said in his announcement, it’s something that needs to be met headfirst and head-on. So he’s doing that now.

And I think having the Megadeth album in front of us to be working on is actually good for Dave, I think. He’s a creative guy.

Creativity strikes us all at different times, and I think when you go through this type of season in your life, I think for all of us in the band and for Dave, it’s cool that we also have a new creative endeavor with the new MEGADETH album to be working on it. It’s kind of something to always be looking forward to.”

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