Megadeth bassist David Ellefson spoke in an interview with Linea Rock, and praised his bandmate Dave Mustaine. 

He said that ‘We’re lucky we have a great leader like Dave’. Here’s the full of statement:

“We’re both baptized Lutherans, so I guess there’s that. It’s funny, Dave, in some ways, we publicly appear to have different personalities but in a lot of ways we’re very much the same, you know.

We both want the same thing. Sometimes we take a little bit of a different course to get there but, you know, I’ve always said I deferred to Dave when making the ultimate kind of executive decisions with Megadeth.

We’re lucky we have a great leader like Dave. He’s obviously very opinionated, he’s very outspoken, but I’ll tell you what – when I’m on that stage, I’m always glad I’m on his team. He can handle anything, and that went from the very beginning. He’s an incredible leader for the band.”

He also talked about his current status in Megadeth, and said:

“We went our separate ways for a few years, and then I think what happened for me is I did fall back in love again with just the fun of getting in the room with some guys to just make some music with no real expectation.

When I came back to play with Dave again in 2010, I was a much better bass player, I think I had a lot more experiences doing some other things away from Megadeth. I think it only helped Megadeth, honestly, and it helped me grow up a little bit on my own.

Because I think what happens, these bands, there’s always a role that everybody gets, and they define themselves very early. Sometimes those roles are set upon you, and then you grow as a person, but you can’t grow outside of the role, right? It can be very frustrating.”

You can listen to the entire interview below. Click here for the source of the statement.