After diagnosing with a hard throat cancer, Megadeth legend Dave Mustaine posted a recent photo on his official Instagram page today, and he broke his social media silence with an announcement.

Dave Mustaine announced that he collaborate with Reverb and he will sell lots of special items via Reverb Store.

Here is what Dave Mustaine wrote:

“#repost @megadeth
• • •
Dave Mustaine has partnered with @Reverb to sell nearly 150 pieces of music gear.

Browse through Dave’s signature Dean guitars, amps, pedals, and more gear used live and in the studio throughout his storied career. (link in bio @megadeth)”

You can see the photo right below.

Dave Mustaine’s son Justis has posted a new photo of Dave Mustaine after the cancer treatment via Justis’ official Instagram account. Justis captioned:

“Papa with little metal Yeti 🤘how is it that we can love pets so much…”

A fan named Ralmei said:

“You should walk my dogs and we will talk lol”

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