We all know that Dave Mustaine’s very active on social media, especially on Twitter. One of his Turkish fan took advantage of this situation and mentioned him a tweet. At the top of this tweet, we see a guy with Saints ‘n’ Sinners t-shirt and he holds “A Tout Le Monde” -it’s official Megadeth beer-.

Tweet goes like that:

”Finnaly found in Turkey. Thanks A101 and BIM markets for this great beer. @DaveMustaine @megadethbeer

The strange thing about that is, A101s and BIMs are very religious markets and they don’t sell anything forbidden by Islam. They don’t even sell cigarettes. So that’s obviously a joke but Dave doesn’t know about that for sure. He quoted this tweet and answered this fan with that words:

No FREAKING way! You, my friend, are the first Turkish Droog that I’ve seen with ATLM!! WOO HOO!! I’ll be right over! Does A101 and BIM Markets have a twitter account so I can thank them? Great pic by the way. Please follow @megadethbeer

Well done Dave, maybe Turkish fans never going to find any beer at A101s and BIMs but they have much bigger markets which they sell various beers. Send them some A Tout Le Mondes for more quality weekends!