Yesterday, Megadeth legend Dave Mustaine had a slungy argument with fans on Twitter. Everything started with -deleted- tweet of The Anomalist.

Mustaine said that:

“Haha! Listen, Mom’s Anal Mist, if you must lie, at least get your punctuation of proper nouns right, you rube! Capitalize Mustaine, @Megadeth and @Metallica”

John Reppion responded:

“He made a comment giving me shit. On my own thread. So I told him he looked silly because no one was talking to him. I was right. I still am.

Dave responded:

“You guys?! Please! This is so uncool for all of us. Really. I just met John and all the artists and they were all nice peeps. I’m sure y’all are great guys too, but let’s let this go, please guys?

Thomas Edward said:

“Hahaha dude you’re probably a bit too sensitive to be on social media.”

Dave Mustaine responded again:

“Haha dude, you’re probably too obtuse to be in this feed. So…find a celebrity with a lower IQ, so don’t feel threatened to attack a complete stranger, you jerkoff, and beat it Nancy.”

You can see the tweets below: