During a new interview with The Tampa Bay Times, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine talked about the time that we’re living in. He said:

“As a society right now, we’re capable of so much more. I’ve been writing songs for a really long time, and to write a song that’s timely and timeless, it’s difficult.

Right now, if I wrote a song about how our nation is, I pray to God that 20 years from now, people wouldn’t say, ‘Yeah, things are still like they were in 2019, where everybody was at each other’s throat.’ I’m sad for our nation right now, with the way everybody’s against each other.”

He also revealed why he stopped using Twitter, and said:

 “This is going to sound so corny coming from me, but we’ve forgotten how to love and respect one another. We’ve got to be able to disagree. I stopped using Twitter. I was using Twitter all the time, and I just backed off it because you can’t say anything without somebody dissecting it.

I have trepidation speaking with you right now, my friend, and I don’t know you, and I don’t see you doing anything to hurt me. But some people, they get judged before they even get spoken to. Some people have said stuff about me, and they don’t even known me. And it may not hurt me, but it sure the fuck hurt my kids.”

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