Megadeth’s legendary frontman, Dave Mustaine, has spoken in the concert of them and made some special statements about what he lived during his struggle with cancer.

As you can remember, Dave Mustaine had shared his throat cancer diagnosis last June on social media and he had to take a break to jobs due to this important health problem. Recently, Dave had shared a surprise post on the Twitter account of Megadeth and announced that he is returned.

2 days ago, Megadeth was having a concert at The SSE Arena in London, England. In the concert, Dave Mustaine has stopped the performance and started to talk with the crowd about his experiences when he was caught cancer. You can watch the video of this moment below.

Here’s what Dave said:

“About a year ago, we were working on our new album back in Franklin, Tennessee, and I started to feel some pain over here [points to his throat]. So I went to the doctor and he said, ‘Dave, you have cancer.’ And I went, ‘F*ck! I have cancer.’ And I was so shocked.”

He continued:

“At first, I thought, ‘Am I afraid?’ And then I said, ‘No. I’m fucking pissed.’ And we stopped the record; we stopped everything. I went into treatment for cancer. It was 51 radiation treatments and nine chemo treatments. And when it was all said and done, every day I would think, ‘I can’t face not playing again. I can’t face not playing again.’ So I would pray. I know a lot of you guys know that I pray. I say that in [the MEGADETH song] ‘Peace Sells’.

I pray every day. I say that in the song. I’ve said it since the second record. But I thought about you guys every day too. And I thought about my family. And I got this power from you guys. And I just kept thinking about it. And on October 16th, I went to go see the doctor, and ‘You’re 100 percent free of cancer.’ “

You can watch the video of Dave Mustaine right below.