Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine is a pretty active rockstar on Twitter. He answers many questions asked by fans on Twitter, and these answers are often very daring.

Asked by a fan earlier today on Twitter:

“What was your measure of success when starting Megadeth? What was your vision?”

Dave Mustaine responded:

“My measure of success was if I ate that day or not, and my vision was destroy Metallica and stop living in a van. Good thing I got over my animosity for leaving the band. I’m glad we reconciled… where’s the Big 4 shows???”

Click here to Dave Mustaine’s tweet.

As you know, Dave Mustaine and Metallica reconciled back in 2004. He has jammed with Metallica on several occasions during “Big Four” shows and at Metallica’s 30th-anniversary concerts in 2011.