Megadeth vocalist and guitarist Dave Mustaine has shared a new post on his official Twitter account and shared his first tweet after a long time by replying to the Scottish actor Sam Heughan.

As you might remember, Dave made a sad announcement about the death of his sister, Michelle, and saddened the community on March 27, 2020. Furthermore, Sam Heughan was replied to this tweet and shared his prayers for Dave.

Today, Dave logged in his Twitter account and saw Sam’s tweet. He replied and stated that he is sick of the bad things going on around the world right now. Also, Dave showed his gratitude to Sam and wished the best for him.

Here is what Dave Mustaine wrote earlier:

“My friends, I have sad news to share with you today. My sister Michelle has passed away. I was truly lucky to have a sister like her. Rest in peace, my dear Michelle.”

Sam Heughan replied:

“Best wishes buddy. Love to you and the family.”

Dave Mustaine said:

“Well, well, well…long time and all that silly horse shit. How are you doing brother? I hope well. Look forward to our next visit overseas.”

You can read the tweets below.