On Twitter, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has shared an article about his request of ‘one more The Big Four show before Slayer’s retirement’ and wrote:

“This is true. I am hoping it will happen, but it may be time to pass the baton to the next generation of four bands that are worthy. No?”

A fan claimed that ‘Dave needs money’ and Dave responded:

“If this was a joke, it’s pretty weak.

If it’s a dis, it’s even weaker.

Stuck around, and you’ll surely learn more about me, and maybe even learn how to be funny. 😉👍”

A week ago, Dave Mustaine talked with Trunk Nation and has shared his thoughts about possibility of one more The Big Four show. He said:

“I think everybody in the metal community wants to see that, with Slayer going away. Although, fortunately, with the attention that they’re getting, they’re not [going away yet] — there’s so much attention for them that they continue to play, which is great for us.

But I think that before they retire, there should be another ‘Big Four’ show. And since the scene primarily started in the [San Francisco] Bay Area, I think it should be done in the Bay Area or here [in Los Angeles]. To me, it’s just not right. I think there should be at least one more.”

You can reach the tweet from below.