Speaking to Tampa Bay Times, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has revealed a story about how they fought against the trends of popular culture.

Dave stated:

“I think the holiday has been commercialized – the music starts too soon in the year, and I have a personal pet peeve with a lot of Christmas tunes.

Radio stations stop playing songs and start playing Christmas stuff. Or you go into a record store, and all the records that are selling are gone, and then you have a Christmas album from Miley Cyrus or something.

Come on, who wants to hear Mariah Carey sing ‘Last Christmas’ or something again? Now, we did goof around and do some Christmas songs and made them punk. We did something on the Jimmy Kimmel show called ‘Thrashing Through the Snow.’

If I ever did something, I would want to do it like that. Kind of metal it up.”

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Back in January, Dave and Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian talked about the current state of heavy metal.

Scott Ian said:

“Well, it’s good! We’re still out, we’re making records, we’re selling tickets, we’re having fun in so many ways. In some ways, nothing has changed from 30-something years ago because we’re still doing the same thing and playing a lot of the same songs. The only thing that’s changed is that the audience has got a lot younger!”

Dave added:

“I agree with Scott that the audience is younger, perception-wise, but for me, the spirit in our bands is still very young. We love playing this music, because we love that interaction with the fans.”

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