Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine answered a fan’s question on Twitter. He has revealed the legendary rock star he calls “godfather”.

A fan named Tim Kendel wrote:

“I think Dave Mustaine used Living Years in his wedding at some point. If I recall correctly from his book. @davemustaine”

Mustaine replied:

“Tim, I didn’t “use it”, but you are very close! 👍

That was the first song playing on the radio after Pamela became my wife and best friend for life.”

Then, Tim asked a question again and said:

“I do not mind being corrected by Dave. Especially when I was kind of close with my information. Plus, I read his book about ten years ago. Almost tweeted about his relationship with Alice Cooper but I am having trouble recalling if he is a Godfather, or sponsor for Dave.”

Mustaine responded:


Back in February 2017, Metallica frontman James Hetfield talked with Newsweek and said that Lemmy Kilmister is Godfather of heavy metal. He said:

Lemmy in particular was an icon, sort of a godfather for people who love heavy metal. He was the captain of the ship.”

Check the tweets below.

In this video, James Hetfield introduced Lemmy Kilmister as “Godfather of heavy metal”.