One of the most legendary frontmen of the heavy metal community, Dave Mustaine, has shared a new post on his official Instagram account and revealed the poster of an unexpected organization of Megadeth.

Today, Megadeth is premiering their performance video from Wacken Open Air in 2017 via their official Youtube channel. Also, Dave Mustaine will be on YouTube’s chat section during the performance.

Dave Mustaine has posted a new post on his Instagram page and shared this performance video to his followers. Also, he warned fans to get their questions ready.

Here’s the statement of Dave:

“We will be premiering our performance from @WackenOpenAir.official 2017 tomorrow, April 30 at 10 pm UK / 5 pm NY / 2 pm LA at

Dave Mustaine will be in the YouTube chat during the performance, so get your questions ready. #StayHome.”

You can reach the Instagram post of him right below.