The frontman of Megadeth, Dave Mustaine’s new photo leaked by the official and verified Twitter account of Megadeth.

As you can remember, Dave Mustaine had diagnosed with throat cancer about six months ago. We have not seen often him since diagnosed with throat cancer.

Today, the official Twitter account of Megadeth shared a surprise photo of Dave Mustaine. In the photo, he was wearing a black beanie and was looking very strong and happy.

Also, the page of Megadeth has finally announced that ‘Dave Mustaine is back’ with the photo. The fans are started to see him because they had missed.

Here’s what it wrote:

“I’m back.”

The first bass player of Metallica, Ron McGovney commented:

“Hi, Dave. I hope you are doing well.”

A fan named The Boys From Sweden wrote this:

“Hello, David Mustaine Welcome To Back I Love Your Heavy Metal I Is So Powerful.”

Another fan Luis Tirado said:

“Hell yeah! Welcome back, Dave. You’ve been missed as we’ve all been praying for you. So happy you’re rocking that great beard.”

You can see the tweet of Megadeth right below.