Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine spoke in an interview with Jamey Jasta and asked if he’d ever do a hip-hop collaboration. He said:

“I would never do that with Megadeth. I wouldn’t mind playing on somebody else’s record, but Megadeth has been kept pure for a reason.

And we’re not gonna do a ‘Lulu,’ [Metallica album with Lou Reed] we’re not gonna do a mash-up, we’re not gonna do anything like that. We’re gonna go on experimentation with the four of us.”

He also explained his thoughts about all the lineup changes in Megadeth. He said:

“It’s no fun having to replace musicians. It’s hard because, along with having to replace the person and the band, you usually end up having the personality loss. And very rarely do guys leave on good terms.

Marty [Friedman] had a nervous breakdown and he quit. And I remember, it was like ‘Did I do this?’ And [David] Ellefson has told me after the fact everything that was going on with Marty before that happened, so I’m very happy to know it wasn’t me. And a lot of the other guys when you have to let them go – you know, it’s really hard to fire somebody and remain friends with them.

Unfortunately we had to let some guys go. It’s not because I don’t love them and it’s not because they’re not good. It’s because what our vision was was not a common goal anymore.

I mean there were a couple of situations where one guy called up my fiancee and said ‘I fantasize about being with you when I’m with my girlfriend.’ And I thought ‘Oh, you’re fired.'”

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