Megadeth legend Dave Mustaine was recently interviewed by New Jersey radio station WSOU and clarified his comments about gay marriage which made headlines in 2012.

In 2012, Dave Mustaine answered if he’s supporting gay marriage or not, and said:

“Well, since I’m not gay, the answer to that would be no. I’m Christian. The answer to that would be no.”

Here is his new statement about gay marriage:

“I was up in Seattle. I was talking on talk radio. It wasn’t even a music show. And the [radio host] goes, ‘What do you think about gay rights?’ And I said, ‘Buddy, I’m a heterosexual. I’m a happily married man. This doesn’t really apply to me.’

So I don’t really know. Ask me another question.’ And the guy says, ‘So you’re not for gay rights.’ And I said, ‘I never said that. I just said that I’m a happily married, straight man.’

And the guy goes, ‘So, are you against gay people?’ And I said, ‘I’m against Dave being gay.’ And that was all I said. And now the gay community thinks I am a gay hater.

“I’m a Christian, so for me, I have my beliefs, but I never tell people what to do. And I would never tell anybody who to love or who not to love. And by the standards of what people think Christians are, I wouldn’t be a Christian, because Christians are supposed to be against abortion.

And if my daughter was raped or her life was at stake because of a disease or delivery or something like that, I would be for protecting the life of the mother. So I’ve got all these conflicting things.”

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