Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine recently shared a new video on his Cameo account and teased their fans about the band’s new bass guitarist by showing his figure but hiding his face.

Dave Mustaine announced his new account on Cameo about two weeks ago, which is an application that enables his followers to ask exclusive questions by paying some money, and in comparison to his social media accounts, Dave has been quite active on this platform.

As you probably know, the original bass guitarist of the band, David Ellefson, had reunited with the band back in 2010 but was fired following his sex scandal. Dave Mustaine announced the departure of the bassist and since then, the community has been waiting to find out who’ll be replacing him.

During one of his Cameo sessions, Dave had confirmed that their new bass guitarist has completed the recordings for the upcoming album, but hadn’t revealed the identity of their mystery member.

In his recent Cameo post, Dave was inside the studio and showing his fans around their working environment. In the meantime, their new bass guitarist could be seen as a silhouette, but it was impossible to tell who he is.

We don’t really know why Dave has been keeping Megadeth’s new bassist, but he revealed that they will make an official announcement in the near future.

Dave Mustaine said:

“I’m walking around the studio right now. That’s Chris Rakestraw sitting back there on the console, and you got our mystery bass player hiding behind the chair down there on the floor, so you can’t see him.

We will be saying who that is soon, and you actually saw him before anybody else — even though you can’t actually see him.”

You can check out the post below.

Bassist caught in Dave’s new cameo. 5 string and no arm tattoos. Maybe black veil brides logo from Megadeth