Megadeth star Dave Mustaine broke his silence about his ongoing throat cancer treatment and shared the latest details about his struggle with this hard health issue.

As you might check out the conversation he had with ‘Rolling Stone,’ he claimed that he feels really strong and keep moving the process.

Here is what Dave told to Rolling Stone:

“I’m on the other side of the majority of the treatment, and I feel really strong. After the radiation, the guy said all of my test results looked amazing. ‘You look like you’re in a stage 1 and you’re supposed to be in stage 3 right now.’ And then the oncologist said the same thing: ‘You look really strong.’ So we kept moving through the process.

He continued:

“It’s a tumor that you get in your mouth, and it had gone from one side of my mouth, and it had also gone to two lymph nodes. So it was pretty serious.

I thought, ‘OK, Mustaine. You can do this,’ and we commenced kicking this thing’s ass. I thought about every single trick that I had learned about healing my body and the things I’d learned from martial arts, and I did everything that the doctor said to a T, and hopefully this is the end of it and I never hear of it again. But I feel great.”

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