Megadeth icon Dave Mustaine’s lovely daughter and also a famous social media personality, Electra Mustaine, posted a recent video on her Instagram Stories and shared frightening news for the fans.

As you might check out the video of Electra, she indicated that she’s in the hospital to clean her blood.

In case she didn’t post another media after that, we predict that she has nothing serious at all. As you will remember from their recent articles, she’s much of a sportive girl that she can get well soon.

She wrote this as a message on the video:

“We’re cleaning my blood.”

You can watch the video of Electra below.

Earlier this month, Electra Mustaine has posted a new photo of herself on her official Instagram page, and she showed off her hot lips with the followers.

As you might see in the photo, we can only see half of her face and her chest. Electra appeared in a full black outfit.

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