Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine’s daughter, Electra Mustaine has made a question and answer session on her Instagram account and responded to some special questions that she got from the fans.

As you know, Dave Mustaine diagnosed with throat cancer about five months ago. The recent reports are saying that his treatment process is going well, and the recent photos of Dave are showing us he’s getting stronger day by day.

On Instagram Stories, Electra got a question from a fan in which mentioning about a terrible illness. After that touching question, Electra wrote a really sad and emotional statement. Check out the conversation below.

A fan asked:

“What is the best way to cope when your father has serious health problems?”

Electra responded:

“Tbh… Crying over my piano and writing about it, then choosing to stay strong for them whether or not they’d make it through”

She continued:

“It was one of the scariest things I’ve been through, but his past history with drug abuse was scarier.”

You can see the screenshot of Electra’s response below.