The bass guitarist and the co-founder of Megadeth, what is known to be one of the ‘Big four’s of American thrash metal, David Ellefson has confessed the irreplaceable place of Metallica in the creation of the path that many bands who followed the tracks of.

With the usage of the following metaphor, Ellefson concretized the importance of the world-wide known band as well as acknowledging its position as a pioneer:

“We are all just a branch of the Metallica family tree.

Megadeth was formed in 1983 when the history of metal witnessed a significant clash between the members of Dave Mustaine and Lars Ulrich, resulting in the former member going on to start a band whose success stirred up controversies and caused fan debates that were ignited years on end.

This fortunate opposition that caused distinct separations is discounted in Ellefson’s words in an interview with WRIF radio station in Detroit. He reminisces on the early days of the bands and gives credit to Metallica for paving the way of heavy metal’s achy birth, furthermore going on to express his gratefulness for granting them with the key of acceptance.

Here is what he said:

“Oh, of course. I mean, look, we are all just a branch of the Metallica family tree. I mean, let’s face it. Especially Megadeth, with Dave being there, and then me being a branch off of Dave with Megadeth.

So, I mean, look, we owe everything to Metallica. Those guys broke down the doors for every one of us — Anthrax, Slayer. Bands today — Lamb Of God, Pantera — none of this would have happened without Metallica being up there as the 800-pound gorilla just carving the path through the jungle that would have never let heavy metal in.

The stuff that they able to do and the size and the scope of which they were able to break those doors down, it changed all of our lives — as musicians, as fans, as everything.”

Ellefson briefly touches on ‘Big Four’ Tour that took place in 2010-2011 with performances by Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax. The American musician also mentions how this tour was a chance given to them by Metallica to potentially bring their long-continued dispute to an end.

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