Megadeth co-founder and also the bassist of the band, David Ellefson, was recently interviewed by ‘Waste Some Time With Jason Green‘ last week and talked about the days Dimebag Darrell almost joined Megadeth and winning Grammy for the first time ever.

Dimebag Darrell was the co-founder of the Pantera with his brother Vinnie and has released more than ten albums with the band until his unfortunate death in 2004. Dimebag has passed away from this world at the age of 38 after being fatally shot in the ensuing struggle. His brother Vinnie has buried next to Darrell in 2018.

As you might already know, Megadeth is working on their new album that is not officially named yet. According to Megadeth star David Ellefson, both Dave Mustaine and himself are still hesitant about releasing the new Megadeth album during the self-quarantine and the possible name of the album is ‘The Sick, The Dying And The Dead’ and it will be released this year.

In his latest interview, Ellefson talked about the days Dimebag was auditioned for Megadeth and almost became a member of the band.

Here is what Ellefson said about Dimebag Darrell:

“So, in ’88, I was dating this woman and she was from Fort Worth, the Dallas Fort Worth area. So we go down there to hang one summer, and she said, ‘You want to meet the Pantera guys? We all kind of grew up together.’

So I said, ‘Sure…’ They were playing the next night at a venue, so we got together, Phil Anselmo was pretty new in the band [Phil joined in ’88], they had a record called ‘Power Metal’ [also in ’88], which is still one of my favorite Pantera records.

And most people only know him from the next record after that, which is ‘Cowboys From Hell.‘ Onward they know them as this real brutal kind of groovy swamp thrash band.

So we get together, we hang, we go out drinking – I was still drinking and partying – and it was a great hang. I certainly knew of them from all the guitar magazines, Darrell was a rising star, for sure.”

He continued:

“And I love that he played a Dean, I always wanted a Dean when I was a kid, a Dean guitar. And I could never get it, so I thought it was cool that he played those.

So we were hanging, at the end of the night he comes up to me, he looks me straight in the eye and he goes, ‘David, the [1986] ‘Peace Sells’ album changed my life.’ And it was a heartfelt moment.”

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