Megadeth bass guitarist David Ellefson shared a new post on his official Instagram account and revealed the real reason why they prefer to start with ‘Hangar-18’ in all of their live shows.

In the caption of his latest post, David Ellefson mentioned that they were on a tour with Black Label Society and Hell Yeah back in 2013, and the late icon Vinnie Paul suggested them to play the song titled ‘Hangar-18’ as the opening song in the live shows.

On the same night, they tried out to play ‘Hangar-18‘ as an opening song, and the result was so exciting and great for them. After that moment, they have started to play ‘Hanger-18’ as an opener even today.

While Ellefson was mentioning what a great and exciting song ‘Hangar-18’ is for an opening, he also pointed out that their staff still could do the small arrangements in the first couple of minutes during the song.

Here is what David Ellefson said about Vinnie Paul’s contribution to Megadeth:

“2013, we were on a Gigantour with Black Label Society & HELLYEAH, and Vinnie Paul, who’s been a lifelong Megadeth fan and a good friend to us, he comes on the bus one day and he goes, ‘Man, y’all’s stage show is amazing, y’all’s light show is incredible. Man, y’all gotta be opening with ‘Hangar 18′.’

We went, ‘Really?’ Me and Dave kind of looked at each other, and Vinnie goes, ‘Yeah, man. I’m telling you, man. That’s the one, ‘Hangar 18′, right there.’ So, that night, we went on stage and opened with ‘Hangar 18’, and it was, like, ‘Wow!’ It really had an excitement about it.”

David continued:

“So, since then, even to this day, we open with ‘Hangar 18’, and now kind of almost in honor and memory of Vinnie. So we come out rocking, and it’s a great song. It’s nice because the front-of-house soundman can sort of getting our mix together, ’cause there are no vocals, so it kind of gives him a minute to mix the band.

Of course, we do soundcheck, and stuff is digitally stored on the console these days anyway, but still, it kind of gives him a couple of minutes to get the mix of the band together before Dave starts singing the verse.”

You can check out the post below.