Megadeth bassist who has been nominated for ten different Grammy awards, David Ellefson, was recently interviewed by ‘Interviewing the Legends: Rock Stars & Celebs‘ of BBC and talked about the titans of the music history as well as the upcoming album of Megadeth.

You may already remember from recently released articles that Megadeth members are working on their upcoming album for a while and in their latest interviews, both Dave Mustaine and David Ellefson announced that the sixteenth studio of the band album is about to be gold.

While Megadeth has not revealed the exact release date, the music industry will likely listen to it until the end of 2021.

In his latest interview with BBC, David Ellefson was asked whether he would perform with a late or living musician, who would be chosen by himself. As David named the late legend Eddie Van Halen, he also showed off his admiration to Eddie by admitting he does not play guitar like him at all.

Let’s check out what David said:

“Probably Eddie Van Halen. And I don’t say that just because passed. Van Halen is a band that Megadeth never played with. And they were such an influential band for me. And even as a bass player, Eddie was an influence on me. And I don’t play guitar like him at all.

When I play guitar, I probably play more like Rudy Schenker or Malcolm Young or something. I’m not a lead guitar player — I admit that. I just love his approach to things — just kind of shoot from the hip, play from the heart.”

He continued:

“I really admire how Michael Anthony played bass to Eddie’s guitar playing. There was a simplicity that anchored it. Eddie used to really sing Michael’s praises back in the day about just being such a great solid bass player. And while that doesn’t get a lot of spotlights, it doesn’t get headlines.

While Eddie was getting the headlines, I always admired that he spoke highly about Michael and his ability to just sort of anchor the band down. That would be a fun experience, to have played with, even just for an afternoon.”

You can watch the interview below.

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