Speaking in an interview made by Music Mania Podcast, Megadeth bassist David Ellefson explained his thought on his relationship with frontman Dave Mustaine. He said:

“Onstage, there’s no one I’d rather be onstage with than Dave, because that guy totally has control of the venue and he’s got control of the audience.

He’s got control – he can shut down a 50,000-capacity audience in one. All he’s gotta do is stop playing and people know he’s pissed. All of a sudden, it’s, like, ‘Oh, shit. We pissed Dave off. Oh-ho.’ [Laughs]

It’s been like that from the very first shows we did up in San Francisco back in 1984. I very much felt Dave is fearless on stage and he’s at home on stage; that’s really where you see the essence of him and you just feel his presence, and he’s a commanding leader.

And, quite honestly, the audience loves that – the audience wants to be led, they want to know someone’s in command, and he’s in command in the live show. So that’s a beautiful thing.

And then creatively and in the studio, ‘Dystopia’ really, quite honestly, wasn’t much different than making ‘Peace Sells‘ or maybe some of the earlier records.

Dave very much has got his hand on the creative process, and he knows – when he hears something in his head, he knows what it’s gonna sound like later on, and that’s a gift that I don’t see a lot of people have.

I know sometimes musicians sit around, they play a lot, they practice a lot, they’ll continually hone and work on things. And Dave’s a guy, he plays what he hears, he doesn’t hear what he plays.

He’s a begin-with-the-end-in-mind kind of guy, and as a result. I guess part of the reason the band’s been able to stay together, quite honestly, is because there was this vision cast from the very beginning, and every day we’re together as Megadeth, we are executing what that vision was back in 1983.”

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