Megadeth bassist David Ellefson spoke in an interview with Super Retro Throwback Reviews and explained his thoughts about The Big 4 tour. He said:

“Metallica are the ones who run the show, so, obviously, we’re very thankful they even considered it the first time.

Obviously, they’re a very big band, and we’re proud of ’em in our genre, because they sit up there in the echelons of U2 and The Rolling Stones – I mean, the biggest of the big – and it’s so cool that a thrash metal band would be sitting up in that ivory tower, if you will.

Look, if they ever wanted to do it again, of course, we would be happy. But now we have another issue, which is Slayer is calling it a day. They’ve announced their farewell; I don’t know when that’s gonna end exactly.

So I’m certainly glad we captured it when we did, because when Metallica put that offer out to all of us to get together and do that, that really solidified all of us… they pulled us up to their level, which was really cool.

That’s kind of the ultimate kind of servanthood mentality – they came down to where we are and lifted us up to where they are.

Metallica, they’ve taken a lot of bullets for the transitions and things that they’ve done over the years, but, I mean, hey, man, they’re still Metallica and they’ve been the leader of our genre.

Obviously, I’m glad Dave [Mustaine] was in the band; we wouldn’t have Megadeth if Dave wasn’t in Metallica. So, on some level, we’re all a branch in the family tree of Metallica.

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