Megadeth bassist and co-founder David Ellefson was recently interviewed by ‘Real Music With Gary Stuckey’ podcast this week and revealed the key of being such a durable band as well as what he thinks about the persona of Dave Mustaine.

As you may already follow our recently shared articles, Megadeth is putting the finishing touches to their sixteenth studio album these days and the album will be released this year. According to the recently made statements of the frontman Mustaine, the title of the album will be ‘The Sick, the Dying… and the Dead!’

In his latest interview, David recalled the long-going career of Mustaine and stated that as much as Dave is a fighter, he’s the friendly one and there is a chemistry there that Megadeth fans like. He also claimed that their songs from all of their albums fall in the ‘timeless’ category.

Here is what Ellefson said:

“I think there’s a couple of things. One, I think look to Dave as their hero, their leader. And Dave’s a fighter, and he’s a survivor. I mean, look — he’s gone through being fired, kicked down. He just went through cancer. The guy, he’s a tireless warrior, and I think that’s a big part of the Megadeth story. And that’s worldwide; that’s global.

And then, behind that, of course, there’s this brotherhood between me and him that, as much as Dave’s the fighter — Dave’s the fighting one, and I’m the friendly one. So there’s a chemistry there that people like. They’re, like, ‘Okay, as long as Ellefson’s in the room, we feel safe.‘ So there’s a dynamic that works. And I think, look, musically, the material’s always been exceptionally well done, well played.

These songs have stood the test of time, so they fall in the ‘timeless’ category. And there’s been a consistency; the Megadeth style has been very consistent over the years. And I think those are kind of the four components — four or five components — that make it work.”

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