David Ellefson, the bassist, and co-founder of Megadeth made an interview with IndiePower and talked about Dirk Verbeuren and his contributions. While praising Verbeuren, Ellefson also talked about his admiration for Rush and its lead vocalist, bassist, and keyboardist, Geddy Lee.

Dirk Verbeuren is the former drummer of a Swedish death metal band Soilwork. He recorded five full-length albums and a live DVD with the band. In 2016, Dirk Verbeuren joined Megadeth as a full-time member drummer.

While talking to IndiePower, David Ellefson spoke about the drummer of Megadeth, Dirk Verbeuren, and his contributions to the upcoming follow-up to the 2016 album, Dystopia. Ellefson opened up about his opinions on Verbeuren and how his work in the upcoming album will bring a uniqueness to the songs.

Here is what David Ellefson said about Dirk Verbeuren:

Dirk is amazing, man. He’s such a great player. And his drum work… Even as we were putting the bass and drums down, there are moments…

I think, to what Dirk is bringing to the band and to this new record, a skill set. He’s a little bit younger. He kind of invented this grindcore drum style that he has, so to bring that in in a way that is unique… ‘Cause a lot of people are going, ‘Oh, is Dirk gonna play blast beasts on a Megadeth record.’ It’s, like, listen, we can’t have a drummer come in and just suddenly make Megadeth sound like not Megadeth. That’s not okay. And Dave has always been very good about that.”

While talking about Verbeuren, Ellefson actually compared his harmony with Dirk to the bass-and-drum relationship in Rush. He talked about his admiration for Geddy Lee, the lead vocalist, bassist, and keyboardist of Rush, and although it is not equal, according to him, he stated that he felt like they were hitting that same pinnacle while playing together.

Here is what he said about the chemistry and Rush’s Geddy Lee:

“I’m a Rush fan, and as a bass player, Geddy Lee certainly is one of the greats, but the bass-and-drum relationship in RUSH is really of no equal. They’re the top of the heap.

And there were moments when Dirk and I were playing, although it doesn’t sound like Rush; it sounds like Megadeth. I felt like we were hitting that same pinnacle. And I can’t say that I’ve probably felt that before in Megadeth.”

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