Megadeth bassist David Ellefson had a recent interview with Niclas Müller-Hansen of Rock Sverige and praised KISS legend, Gene Simmons.

Ellefson also compared KISS with The Beatles and said that he will defend Gene to the grave.

Here is his statement:

Gene’s one of my favorite bass players. I defend Gene to the grave. Absolutely one of the greatest rock players ever.

I missed The Beatles. I was born in ’64 the year they came out and they were broken up by ’71 and I started to listen to music about ’74, so I just missed them completely.

Gene and Paul Stanley very much credit The Beatles for the whole concept of KISS. KISS was my Beatles and it’s funny, as big of a KISS fan as I was and I was the biggest, as we all claim to be, funny thing is that in my bands growing up, we never played any KISS songs because they were hard to play.

Paul’s guitar, his voicing and chord choices were so avant-garde and just really out of character and that’s what made them so cool. They were riffs, but there were these chords… whereas you listen to this kind of 12-bar blues kind of stuff that was going around at that same time… the KISS stuff was very challenging and they tuned down a half step.”

David also revealed an untold story about KISS’ Gene Simmons.

Here is what he said:

“I just saw KISS a couple of weeks ago when the came through town and Gene was playing the best I’ve ever heard him play. He’s ad-libbing and riffing out and his tone’s great and here he is, he’s an older guy playing fucking better than he’s ever played and just going for it!

Just riffing like how Jack Bruce or John Entwistle would be riffing in between parts of songs and it was, like, ‘Fuck, check him out, man!’

I totally defend Gene and I think he’s an incredible bass player and the fact that he pits blood and breathes fire with fucking bat wings and those killer boots just make him the best.”

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