Megadeth has released their latest album “Dystopia” in this year. Titled song of the album, “Dystopia”, is nominated for the “Best Rock/Metal Performance” category at the Grammy Awards in 2017. If the band wins the award, it will be the first Grammy Award winner in its history.

In an interview by FeMetal TV, Megadeth bassist David Ellefson appeared as a guest. He talked about the Grammy Awards and said:

It’s always nice to be nominated. And I think being nominated for a metal band, that says a lot. Because if you’re a pop act, if you’re Nashville, or an urban act, a Grammy can really put a lot of wind in your sails — to sell records, to bring notoriety, touring… on all aspects. I remember Norah Jones, the little girl with eleven or whatever Grammys she had, it changed her life. Whereas a metal band, we’ve been around many years — we’ve done the ground work, we’ve done the leg work, we’ve toured, we have a very intrinscic connection with our fanbase already.

The Grammy thing is obviously wonderful. But I think we are a genre… And there’s a lot of genres there, because there’s something like a hundred categories; they only televise, like, twelve or fourteen of ’em on TV, but there’s another, literally, sixty [or] seventy categories that they give away from 1 p.m. ’till 5 p.m. before the televised section starts — Tejano music, things that I barely even have heard of. And they’re honoring that. And that is the thing that I think is cool about the Grammys — they have really widened themselves out to honoring all of these different genres, and deservedly so. There isn’t just one-size-fits-all in music, so it’s cool that they honor that, and it’s great that metal is one of those.”

Megadeth was last nominated for Grammy in 1991 with the album “Rust In Peace”. That year Metallica won the award with the song “Stone Cold Crazy.”

You can watch the entire interview from below.