We already knew that Scorpions and Megadeth will head out on a U.S. tour together upcoming summer. Along with this tour, these two bands have been on tour for the first time together.

Megadeth boss David Ellefson spoke in an interview by Roppongi Rocks and interpreted Megadeth’s upcoming North America tour with Scorpions. He said:

“It is really a cool bill to play with Scorpions. A promoter friend in Arizona brought the idea to us, and right away it seemed like a great idea. We have played festivals with them over the years and it’s a really good fit musically between the two bands and our fans. Plus I think every metal fan loves a Scorpions song.

Dave [Mustaine, Megadeth mainman] and I have always been fans and they are one of Kiko’s [Loureiro, Megadeth guitarist] favorites, too. They are a real guitar player’s kind of band. In fact, when Dave and I first met in 1983, we had a friend who was attending the school Musicians Institute in Hollywood and would come over to our place and jam early Scorpions songs. We always studied a lot of the European guitar players, because they had a different influence that worked well in metal…mostly classical inspirations. In a way, those jam sessions were inspiring in the development of the earliest Megadeth compositions, especially the complexity in the solos and riffs.

It was a really creative and innovative period that defined some of those earliest songs for ‘Killing Is My Business…’ and even ‘Peace Sells…’. I think the tour is going to see a lot of us reliving some cool memories from over the years.”

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