In the last episode of MetalSucks podcast, Megadeth bassist David Ellefson has revealed the differences between their two albums, Risk and Super Collider.

Ellefson stated:

“It’s funny. The ‘Risk’ songs worked great acoustically – these really simple, singer-songwriter kind of songs almost. ‘Super Collider’ has a lot of really heavy stuff on it. It’s definitely a much heavier record.

He continued:

“I think with ‘Super Collider,’ the setup and the launch of that record, I think, is what really polarized that album with the fans.

“Had we led with kind of the traditional format, which is you come out with a heavy track and then you move to the single – if we had come out with ‘Kingmaker’ and then moved to ‘Super Collider,’ that record would have been received completely different. Because first impressions are lasting impressions.

“There was this big wait – Megadeth were doing the ‘Big Four’; we did all this big stuff, Salyer, Megadeth and Anthrax tours again; we’re back on top as this real thrash band; and then, all of a sudden, the next song people hear from us is the ‘Super Collider’ track.

And he added:

“It was, like, ‘Woah! What the hell happened?’ And ‘Super Collider’ is a perfectly fine song if it was the second song you heard. But to come out of the gate swinging with something like ‘Kingmaker’ would have set an entirely different precedent.
So it’s amazing how you can skew public opinion by what you see and hear first.”

Click here to source of the interview. Transcriped by Blabbermouth.