Leading website and mobile app for buying and selling old and new music equipment, Reverb, has shared a new video on their official Youtube channel, and Megadeth lead guitarist Kiko Loureiro has revealed that he decided to sell his music items in a partnership with Reverb.

Among the items to be sold are precious music equipment, which is used in albums and tours throughout Kiko’s musical career. Kiko’s official Reverb store will open on March 10 and will include more than 80 guitars, pedals, amps and more.

In the video, he also promoted some music items to be sold. The gears include the Tagima K-1 electric guitar made by Master luthier Marcio Zaganin, and he said that he wanted to be friends with the person who will buy this guitar.

Here’s what Kiko Loureiro stated:

“I’m a gear fanatic and have been collecting guitars, pedals, and amplifiers throughout my life and world travel. I’ve got gear from my homes in Brazil and L.A., from the Megadeth camp in Nashville, and from Finland, where my wife is from.

As tough as it is to part with these pieces, I believe that instead of letting them sit in storage, I want people to play them and use them to make new music and memories.”

He also added:

“I want to know who is going to buy this guitar. I want to be friends with this person.”

You can watch the video via Youtube below.

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