Speaking in an interview by Eddie Trunk, Metal Blade Records founder and CEO Brian Slagel revealed satanist bands and musicians in metal world. He said:

King Diamond, he’s everywhere talking about this sort of stuff. He’s not gonna advocate burning churches or any of that stuff, but he’s into it.

There’s some sort of name for this whole thing. But it’s basically do what you’re supposed to do, do good onto others, and all these things that you’re supposed to do. He’s into that sort of… I forgot what it’s actually called, there’s some name for that.

And certainly Nergal from Behemoth is pretty outspoken about his views. I think his are more anti-Christianity. The foils and things that he thinks come up short in Christianity.

You see that in Europe a lot of times with people that are opposed to the Catholic church. They get pretty outspoken which gets them into trouble a lot of the times. Gotten Behemoth thrown out of Russia. There are some conservative parts of Russia apparently.”

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