Post Malone has released his new song “Take What You Want” yesterday, which the song he collabrated with Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott for that song.

Metal fans have an interesting reaction to Ozzy’s duet with these two world-wide famous rapper, Post Malone and Travis Scott.

First of all, here’s Ozzy’s reaction:

“I fucking love this track with @PostMalone and @trvisXX”

Check out the tweet below.

Famous Youtuber Jared Dines wrote:

“Ozzy Osbourne, Travis Scott, and Post Malone on one song! A founder of heavy metal and two of the biggest pop/rap stars today. If that doesn’t speak volume to the power of unity through music i don’t know what the fuck does..”

A fan named foto baggins said:

“Post Malone sat there and thought “you know who we need on the same track? Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott”. And he was absolutely fuckin right”

A Twitter user named Ash Wilson wrote:

“Who the fuck is this Ozzy Osbourne guy I bet he’s gonna be massive thanks to posty”

One of the famous Twitter users, Corbyn, said:

“post malone, ozzy osbourne, and travis scott, all on one song. music is wild”

Another Twitter user wrote:

“yo idk who ozzy osbourne is (no offence to him) but that’s so cool of Post Malone to shout him out in an entire song, that’s gonna be so mad for his future career”

Jim Norton said:

“I don’t know who this @PostMalone fellow is, but I am happy @OzzyOsbourne decided to help him out.”

You can reach the tweets here. Listen to the song below.