In a recent interview with RockSverige, Metal Church guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof has shared his thoughts about huge success of Greta Van Fleet. He said:

He said that ‘there’s a generation of kids saying that we don’t want to listen to Eminem complain about Trump’. Here’s the statement:

“I think it’s wonderful. Of course they sound so much like Led Zeppelin and people get kind of, you know… the plagiarism is a factor, but then at the same time, I’m, like, well, at least they’re playing and at least they have the right influences and they’re being a rock band, they look like a rock band and they’re doing something.

They’re young and obviously they’ve gotten into their parents’ record collection and listened to it and figured it out. If you give the kids a chance, they will figure it out, because there’s a generation of kids that are out there going, ‘Where’s our swaggering rock star guys? We don’t want to listen to Eminem complain about Trump. Where’s our cool rock stars?’

They don’t have them, so they have to beat them and figure it out for themselves, and they are.”

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A month ago, he talked about making money from music and said:

“After certain amount of time on a major label like Electra you find out how the business works, which in our particular case it was not working in our favour, you learn the definition of the word recoup.

And then you realize there is no way you can make any money unless you break big like Metallica but until then you are operating in Debt and you will never break out. Everybody gets paid first and the band gets paid last. I have the publishing which are not much money but no other royalties.”

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