During the recent interview with The Pulse of Radio, Bring Me The Horizon singer Oli Sykes talked about the current statute of rock music.

He said that “rock is gone miserable and boring”. Plus, he has claimed that rappers are new rockstars. Here’s the statement:

Rappers are almost the new rock ‘n’ roll or punk or whatever. Rock’s gone soft, it’s gone miserable and boring, there’s not really much exciting about it.

So it’s important that we cross over, because we feel like we belong more in a place where people just like music and it’s not about how heavy it is.”

BMTH keybordist Jordan Fish continued:

“A lot of artists I like have changed constantly throughout their career. Radiohead are one of my favorite bands — and I wouldn’t ever compare us to Radiohead — but a lot of people would have said, ‘I prefer Radiohead’s second LP] ‘The Bends’. But I don’t like that old stuff, I like them from when they went electronic onwards.”

Back in 2013, during an interview with BBC 1, rapper Kanye West said:

“Rap the new rock and roll. We culture. Rap is the new rock and roll! We the rock stars! We the new rock stars and I’m the biggest of all of them.”

Apparently, Oli supports Kanye’s claim. That was interesting… Click here to entire interview via Blabbermouth.