During in a recent interview with Metal Hammer, The Body Count frontman Ice-T talked about politics. Interviewer asked ‘Do you have to brace yourself for criticism when you get political?’, he responded:

“Every once in a while you’re gonna get someone on Twitter that says, ‘Just stick to acting and stay out of politics!’ There’s an overall view that celebrities shouldn’t be making political statements.

I’m like, ‘OK, and plumbers should?’ Ha ha ha! At the end of the day, when celebrities make statements they’re taking a risk with their careers and I think they should be applauded.

If I come out and say ‘Fuck Trump!’ I’m polarising myself. If I really cared about the money, I wouldn’t say anything. It doesn’t matter what the fuck you do, someone’s gonna argue with you, so you might as well say what you feel.”

Interviewer said:

“We’re guessing that you’re not a fan of Donald Trump. Fair?”

Ice-T responded:

“You know what he is? When people say they don’t like rich people, that is who they’re talking about. People who think they’re better than everybody else. The fucked-up thing about Trump is that he wouldn’t let any of the people that voted for him into one of his hotels. He wouldn’t even make eye contact with ’em.

He’s just a piece of shit! Ha ha ha! He’s not a nice person. He wants to be king, you know? Like I say, the pendulum swings. Bush was a reaction to Clinton, Obama was a reaction to Bush. His fans will turn on him, trust me.”

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