Spotify is the most dominant music streaming platform of the world by far. According to the latest reports, there are 100 millions of Spotify Premium users all over the world, and it’s growing day after day.

Spotify, released a research about loyality of music listeners. According to that report, metal listeners are the most loyal ones by far.

Here is what Spotify writes about the research:

“Do fans of some genres return to their favorites more than fans of other genres? And which genres inspire the most loyalty in the listener?

To find out, we first identified the “core” artists that are most central to each genre, starting with the big ones, on a global level. Then we did the same thing with local genres in various countries around the world.

To create a measure of genre loyalty, we divided the number of streams each core artist had by their number of listeners. All of the charts are normalized against the genre with the loyalest fans.

The first thing we noticed: Metal fans are the world’s loyalest listeners.

Here is the graphic of the research:

Spotify adds that those numbers are not related with the quality of the music genre but the loyality of the listeners.

Here is the statement:

“This doesn’t necessarily mean Metal is “better” than Jazz (metalheads would disagree), but it does tell us that Metal fans are in fact the most hardcore, according to this new measure of genre loyalty.”

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