The official Instagram account of the legendary heavy metal band Metallica has announced the lineup of the upcoming Aftershock Festival, in which they’ll be the headliners, yet, the news didn’t satisfy their fans for several reasons.

One day after another, Metallica has been continuing to give some really great news to their fans about their upcoming live performances. As you might recall, the band has recently announced that they’re hosting their first-ever worldwide, pay-per-view concert live on Saturday, November 14th.

After revealing that they’re getting ready for ‘The Helping Hands Concert & Auction,’ which will help communities in need, the band has come up with the confirmed lineup of the Aftershock Festival on Instagram.

It was stated that at the festival which will take place between October 7 and October 10, 2021, Metallica will be headlining two nights. However, the brand new announcement of the band, which was expected to rejoice the fans, received complex reactions.

While some of the fans have complained about the lineup and the other headliner band, My Chemical Romance, comparing them with Metallica, some said they’re afraid of a possibility that the show may cancel since the COVID seems to stay for a while.

Here’s what was said in the latest Instagram post of Metallica:

“The rest of the lineup has been announced for Aftershock Festival 2021!

A fan, whose name is Alex, expressed his fear in the comment section as:

“90% chance this isn’t happening, COVID-19 gonna be a while.”

Another fan, whose name is Morgan, commented as:

“Is My Chemical Romance even close to on par with Metallica?”

A follower, whose name is Juan, pointed out a different point about lineup and said:

“Imagine being a pioneer in music just to play after an emo band.”

You can see the post below check out the website of the festival here.